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Annual Business Plan 2017/18

Capital Projects 2017/18

Annual Business Plan & Budget Summary 2017/2018


Council Publications

Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Long Term Financial Plan

Buildings and Structures Asset Management Plan

Plant and Equipment Asset Management Plan

Strategic Management Plan 2014-2018

Community Land Management Plan

Asset Management Strategy Plan

Business Continuity Plan

Elected Members Gifts & Benefits Register




Policy 1.1 Customer Service

Policy 1.2 Electronic Communications Facilities

Policy 1.3 Fund Raising Charitable & Community Groups

Policy 1.8 Provision of Council Resources to Support the Emergency Services in Emergencies

Policy 1.10 Septic Tank Effluent Drainage Connection Guidelines

Policy 1.11 Waste and Recycling Collection

Policy 1.14 Records Management

Policy 1.15 Australia Day Awards

Policy 1.17 Privacy

Policy 1.18 Debt Collection

Policy 1.20 Records Management for Elected Members

Policy 1.22 Motor Vehicle

Policy 1.23 Volunteer Management

Policy 1.24 Code of Conduct- Volunteers

Policy 1.25 Environmental

Policy 1.26 Streets & Parks Tree Planting Maintenance

Policy 1.27 Child Safe Environment

Policy 1.28 Gift for Employees Leaving Council

Policy 1.29 Christmas Function

Policy 1.30 Interaction of Development Act 1993

Policy 1.31. Credit Card

Policy 1.32 Annual Leave

Policy 1.33 Long Service Leave

Policy 1.34 Busking

Policy 1.35 Asset Capitalisation

Policy 1.36 Footpath Dining

Policy 1.37 Supplementary Elections 

Policy 1.38 Underground Power Lines

Policy 1.39 Asset Capitilisation & Materiality Thresholds

Policy 1.40 General Ledger

Policy 1.41 Budget Reporting & Amendment

Policy 1.42 Petty Cash Policy & Procedure

Policy 1.43 External Grant Funding

Policy 1.44 Employee Assistance Program

Policy 1.45 Asset Management

Policy 1.46 Complaintant

Policy 1.47 Media Contact


Policy 2.1 Code of Conduct for Employees 

Policy 2.2 Procedure for Internal Review of a Council Decision

Policy 2.3 Code of Practice for Access to Meetings & Documents

Policy 2.5 Equal Employment Opportunity

Policy 2.6 Equal Employment Opportunity Program Outline 

Policy 2.7 Elected Member Access to Information

Policy 2.8 Elected Member Allowances & Benefits 

Policy 2.9 Grievance Procedure

Policy 2.10 Bullying & Harassment

Policy 2.12 Order Making

Policy 2.13 Performance Management/ Disciplinary 

Policy 2.14 Code of Conduct for Elected Members

Policy 2.15 Public Consultation

Policy 2.16 Treasury Management

Policy 2.17 Whistleblower Protection

Policy 2.18 Caretaker

Policy 2.19 Elected Member Training and Development

Policy 2.20 Fraud and Corruption

Policy 2.21 Mayor Seeking Legal Advice

Policy 2.22 Contracts Tenders Purchasing

Policy 2.23 Elected Members Code of Conduct- Complaints Handling

Policy 2.24 Prudential Management

Policy 2.25 Contracts Tenders Disposal of Assets

Policy 2.26 Internal Financial Control

Policy 2.27 Naming Roads and Places

Policy 2.28 Rating Policy

Policy 2.29 Policy for Informal Gatherings of Elected Members 

Policy 2.30 Cemetery

Policy 2.31 Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures

Policy 2.32 Township Burning Permit



Policy 3.1 Risk Management

Policy 4.3 Building & Swimming Pool Inspection

Policy 4.4 CDAP Complaint Handling

Policy 4.7 Contribution to the Provision of Roads

 Policy 4.8 Council Enforcement Unlawful Development



By Law 1 Permits and Penalties

By Law 2 Local Government Land

By Law 3 Roads

By Law 4 Moveable Signs

By Law 5 Dogs

By Law 6 Cats